Business Telephone Systems

Voicemail Pro for IP Office

This voicemail program requires an IP Office licence key to run. It builds on Voicemail Lite by offering a high degree of customization for any mailbox. Voicemail Pro consists of both a server program and a client for administration of the server.Unlicensed Voicemail Pro will run for two hours in order to allow demonstration and testing. A license is required for continuous operation.

Voice Mail Pro lets you work from any where!

Voice Mail Email
The Voice Mail Pro can use SMTP or MAPI to send email alerts when a user has new messages within their mailbox.

IMS: Integrated Messaging System
Included within Voice Mail Pro software but requires its own IP Office license key. Works with a customer's Microsoft Exchange server to provide synchronized voicemail and email mailbox operation.

Centralized Voice Mail Pro
Within an IP Office small community network (SCN), Voice Mail Pro can be used to provide mailbox services to remote IP Office systems.

Database Connection
The Voice Mail Pro can be licensed to read and write data to databases. The values of data returned can be used to alter the call flow.

Text to Speech (TTS)
The Voice Mail Pro server can speak text, entered within the call flow or contained within variables. Combined with database operation this allows the development of IVR applications.

Note: The IP Office can only interact with one voicemail server at any time. If more than one voicemail server is installed on a network this may cause problems.

Voice Mail Pro Features

Voice Mail Pro is a licensed version of voicemail for IP Office. It builds on Voice Mail Lite in a number of ways:

Support for more than 4 simultaneous voicemail users (maximum 2 only on IP401) depending on licenses entered. See Number of Simultaneous Voicemail Users.

Support for Intuity mode mailbox operation as default.

Customization can be applied to the defaults for all or specific users and hunt groups and to access via custom short codes.

The maximum recordable length of messages can be changed from the fixed 120 second limit of Voice Mail Lite.

Automatic call recording (Voice Recording) for selected Users, Hunt Groups and CLI's allows the automatic recording of calls. This is setup through the Manager application.

Campaigns allow a sequence of messages to be played to a caller and the caller's response to those question (spoken and/or telephone key presses) are recorded. The sets of response can then be accessed and action by call agents.

Integrated Messaging System (IMS) adds sophisticated voicemail to email integration.

Voice Mail Lite

Voice Mail Lite, IP Office’s standard VoiceMail application can handle up to 4 simultaneous calls. When enabled VoiceMail Lite automatically answers your telephone when you are not available to take a call. Personal greetings can be recorded, providing confirmation that the intended recipient will actually receive the message.

Messages may be played as a continuous loop. This allows information to be heard, but no message to be left. The caller may press a key on the telephone at any time to be transferred to a pre-determined number, usually the receptionist or secretary.

When voicemail messages have been left, the number of new messages waiting will be displayed on the Phone Manager application and/or the telephone caller display panel if used. Voice Mail Lite can also periodically ring the extension to deliver any new messages. When voicemail messages are left they are time & date stamped and the caller’s number recorded. Once listened to, old messages are deleted 24 hours after being left (31 days when running Intuity TUI). Alternatively they may be saved permanently.

Voicemail can be collected remotely by dialing the Voice Mail Lite server. Using the security inherent in all IP Office systems, if the number the user is dialing from is "recognized" (home number or Mobile/Cell Phone for example), they will automatically receive their voicemail as if collecting it from their office extension. This is especially useful when collecting your voicemail whilst on the move, using your Mobile/Cell Phone in hands-free mode. If the source number is not recognized, users will be prompted for a mailbox number and a PIN code for that mailbox, before they can collect voicemail. Users have the ability to set and change their own PIN codes.

Where a voicemail needs to be copied to others, Voice Mail Lite provides many options: