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Avaya IP Office delivers on the Avaya value proposition of convergence in every market space by addressing the small to medium business. Introduced in 2002, it provides a next generation family of solutions that allows small business customers to improve their infrastructure while controlling costs and reducing risk. IP Office is an ideal solution for those businesses that have made or plan to make a significant investment in IP networks to run their business and who are looking for voice applications to run on that network.

It is a total communications solution developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses and scales through the introduction of modules to 256 endpoints (412 only). IP Office is particularly valuable for customers with multiple small offices or remote branches of larger organizations, and those customers interested in managing a call center.

Avaya IP Office addresses the needs of customers looking to implement traditional telephony and requiring an evolutionary migration path to IP. It also is the solution of choice for customers wishing to implement full IP solutions.

Avaya IP Office can act as an IP capable telephony server, supporting standards-based IP telephony (H323) and QoS through DiffServ (for routing) and 802.1p (when used in conjunction with an Avaya Cajun LAN switch). Avaya IP Office can provide a complete data communications solution with firewall-protected Internet access, high-speed ISDN/PRI dial-up access, direct leased line connections, and integral security. The solution includes business critical applications such as voice messaging, auto attendant, integrated voice and email messaging, CTI, and call center management. Useful call center management options include reporting tools (both historical and real-time), standardized or customized reports, wallboard capability, call recording services, campaign management, and customer self-service options.Avaya IP phone support is enriched to support the latest phone firmware enhancements. Enhanced call coverage allows a call ringing at one (covered) extension to be presented and answered at other (covering) extensions. Single button activation control for many popular features maximizes the number of buttons available for programming and provides visual feedback. Dial By Name allows callers reaching the auto attendant to dial extensions by dialing extension user names. All of these features boost productivity and efficiency, and are part of what make IP Office the comprehensive all-in-one solution depended on for the latest features and technology.

Avaya IP Office fills the gap between yesterday’s telephonesystems and the IP-only solutions of tomorrow.