Business Telephone Systems

Phone Manager Technical Specifications

The Phone Manager application offers control of the telephone from the user’s PC. Phone Manager is available in three versions: Phone Manager Lite, Phone Manager Pro and Phone Manager PC Softphone (VoIP mode).

Phone Manager Lite is a free application that allows all employees to access the features and facilities only previously available to those working in call centers, or those companies deploying expensive, proprietary feature phones on every desktop. Phone Manager Lite can be used in conjunction with an analog telephone, a digital terminal or an IP hardphone, along with a networked PC on the desk—to provide Caller ID and advanced telephony functions. Phone Manager Lite also integrates with Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) to provide Presence information and Instant Messaging.

Technical Specifications

Integration with Contact Management Packages
Integration with Outlook, GoldMine, ACT! and Maximizer provides caller information screen pops, dialing from directory and telephone number auto-insertion while on a call.

Voicemail Control (with VoiceMail Pro)
Play, rewind, fast-forward, save or delete messages, and configure Personal Distribution Lists.

Personal Phone Number Directory
Allows further personalization and improves productivity.

Phone Manager PC Softphone offers the same GUI interface as with Phone Manager Pro. The difference is that no phone terminal is needed—conversation actually takes place via the user's PC. (The physical setup must include a headset/microphone connected to the PC’s soundcard or USB port.) Phone Manager PC Softphone has a significant advantage for mobile users with remote access to the LAN, providing "a phone within their laptop" with all the features available as in the office.