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Avaya IP Office 500 Control Unit

Control Unit

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

Front image of IP Office 500

With a greater VCM channel capacity and performance, the IP Office 500 is the most suitable of the IP Office range for IP Telephony applications. It also provides an entry level offer into the IP Office family through IP Office Standard Edition software. The IP Office 500 also differs from the IP406 V2 by providing a greater trunk expansion capability of up to four PRI interfaces (maximum 96/120 trunks). The IP Office 500 is a stackable unit with an optional 19" rack mounting kit and an optional wall mounting kit for smaller configurations. The IP Office 500 includes:

Rear image of IP Office 500

IP Office Standard Edition

By default the IP Office 500 control unit runs a subset of full IP Office functionality called IP Office Standard Edition. In this mode the IP Office 500 is restricted to a maximum of 32 users in the base control unit with no expansion. Embedded Voicemail, Phone Manager Lite/Pro/PC Softphone, SoftConsole, TAPI, SMDR and CBC are supported, as well as SIP trunking (through optional licenses) and IP DECT. IP Office Standard Edition does not support voice networking (H.323 or SCN) or advanced applications (Voicemail Pro, CCC, Conference Center, etc). This restriction can be removed by adding an IP Office Professional Edition Upgrade license to the configuration.

IP Office Professional Edition

By purchasing the upgrade license from Standard Edition to Professional Edition, additional functionality is enabled. This includes the ability to expand the system using up to eight external Expansion Modules, allowing the IP Office 500 to support a maximum of 272 phones through a mixture of analog, digital or IP handsets. If additional analog trunks are required, these can be aggregated in groups of 16 on each analog expansion module. Note that the Professional Edition also enables the licensing of advanced applications such as Voicemail Pro.

IP Office 500 Voice Networking License

QSIG, H.323 and SCN capabilities are not enabled by default in the IP Office 500 running Professional Edition. An additional license is required to enable this functionality with 4 simultaneous networking channels (no channel limit for QSIG). Additional channels can then be licensed in increments of 4.

Compact business center: one of many tools for use with the IP Office

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IP Office Manager

Avaya IP Office is easily managed through IP Office Manager, a Microsoft Windows-based PC software application, which connects to the system using the TCP/IP protocol. An array of applications, from basic call handling to full call center functionality, including real time and historic reporting will improve productivity and overall communications.

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