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Avaya VoIP Telephones

Avaya’s range of digital and IP telephones deliver advanced productivity-boosting features, including a large display and up to a 100-entry call log. They are designed to be a cost-effective choice for any business or contact center using IP Office and bring Avaya state-of-the-art technology directly to your desktop. These telephones deliver efficient service, superior voice quality, along with cutting-edge communications features such as screen  labels for call appearance/feature keys to simplify user administration.

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Avaya 5402 telephone Avaya 5410 Telephone Avaya 5420 Telephone
5402 Telephone 5410 Telephone 5420 Telephone
Avaya 2420 Telephone Avaya 4406D Telephone Avaya 4412D Telephone
2420 Telephone 4406D Telephone 4412D Telephone
Avaya 4424 Telephone Avaya 4606 IP Telephone Avaya 4610 IP Telephone
4424D Telephone 4606 IP Telephone 4610 IP Telephone
Avaya 4612 IP Telephone Avaya 4620 IP Telephone Avaya 4621 IP Telephone
4612 IP Telephone 4620 IP Telephone 4621 IP Telephone
Avaya 4624 IP Telephone Avaya 4630 IP Telephone Avaya 6408D Telephone
4624 IP Telephone 4630 IP Telephone 6408D Telephone
Avaya 6416D Telephone Avaya 6424D Telephone EU24 Expansion Module
6416D Telephone 6424D Telephone EU24 Expansion Module